New in: Finland buys

I went to Finland probably a month ago, but I didn't manage to put pictures here up until now. (Sorry, for that)
In general I had a great time in Finland with my classmate Merily, everything I bought was on sale except from this cross bracelet, but I couldn't leave it there.  Anyways, here are the things I bought:

[1] Laptop case from Gina Tricot  (that I want to use as a clutch)
[2] & [3] Denim shorts from Gina Tricot 
[4] Golden cuff from GinaTricot (I've wanted this for a long time, since I first saw them on Asos and now I have one too)
[5] Cross bracelet from GinaTricot
[6] Striped black shirt from GinaTriocot

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