Hey! Like you see I really love my dr.martens look-a-likes. I love the color and the fact that they are super comfortable!
My shoes are from H&M, pants from H&M, shirt from GinaTricot, necklace is vintage and sunglasses from Seppälä.
Also check out the dancing video below. Me and my dancing studio filmed it this spring and it finally came out! Also vote for us here. (click!)

Tere! Nagu te märkada võisite, meeldivad mu saapad mulle väga. Peale selle, et nende värv on väga lahe, on nad ka päris mugavad.
Mu saapad ja püksid on H&M-ist, pluus GinaTricot-ist, kaelakee on vintage ja päikeseprillid Seppäläst.
Vaadake ka see video allpool, mida filmisime on tantsutrenniga kevadel. Lõpuks on see (peaaegu) valmis! Hääletage ka meie poolt siin. (kliki!)


  1. love your sunglass and your boots are so cool <3

  2. Your boots are the coolest colour ever!!!! And I like your pants. Oh, the video is amazing